Here We GO…..!!!

The end of boring lectures!

Middle of the summer and I’m already thinking about the new school year. I’m a little afraid that I have bitten off more than I can chew, but I’m committed now (or maybe I should be committed). So! My goals for the year:

  1. Flip My Classroom
  2. Go Paperless (actually, I am going “paper optional”. There is a minor, but important difference)
  3. Teach Civics (a new prep for me).

The easiest will be #3. I think most Social Studies Teachers must be a bit ADD, since we are often expected a minimal notice to switch classes and teach something totally different.

First step that I can see to “Flipping Out” is to decide on a format. What do I want my videos to look like? Should I use all of my own videos (I am a control freak) or see what is already out there? Should i use simple video in front of my SMART board, or use some type of imbedded video into a virtual whiteboard of some sort? What kind of tools are available for free, and what am I willing to pay for? When I have researched my options and I’m ready to decide, I will post again.

Paperless- The phone company does it. My bank does it. Why not my classroom? Let’s go paperless. Or at least, paper “optional”. My school system has decided on My Big Campus as our digital portal to communicate with students. This should simplify my paperless process, but I still see some pitfalls. The biggest being that I, the ultimate procrastinator, will have to stay on top of my assignments. But really, can it be harder than running to the copy machine to get the handouts for that day? I think not. I also have to lend a hand in grading. Other major pitfall is the inevitable eye strain! Some kids want/need a hard copy to hold and understand. It’s all good. For them, I plan to have a few copies available.

By the next post, I hope I have decided on a format, and even played around with the video.


About DuVee

I am a Social Studies teacher at Early College Academy of Columbus in Georgia. I am starting this blog to chronicle my trials of creating a flipped classroom.
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